Why us

At Thein Digital, we ensure the implementation and development of the CI/CD pipeline (Continuous Integration - Continuous Deployment), including the provision of SLA.

For who is the service suitable

  • Companies without automated processes in place to securely publish and update applications
  • Companies with an existing CI/CD pipeline that needs to be optimized
  • Companies with specific CI/CD pipeline needs

Implementation of CI/CD pipeline

  • We propose methodologies defining the responsibilities of teams and roles and processes involved in DevSecOps with regard to operational security.
  • We define the rules of operational environments (e.g. Dev, Test, Staging, Prod.)
  • We design the architecture of CI/CD pipelines for individual environments, we create blueprints for deploying new pipelines for new applications
  • We implement CI/CD pipelines

CI/CD pipeline development & SLA

  • we provide long-term and ongoing support for the deployment of new CI/CD pipelines, their expansion with new technologies, revision of methodologies
  • continuous assessment of the effectiveness of CI/CD pipelines
  • SLA with defined response time and fix time

Cooperation with Thein Digital

Thein Digital knowledge base.

Industry best practices make it possible to build a stable and efficiently functioning DevSecOps environment supported by automated CI/CD pipelines.

DevSecOps as a Service

At Thein Digital we maintain and develop our own DevSecOps team of developers working on diverse projects in terms of personnel and knowledge. Thanks to the CI/CD pipeline SLA, our resources will always be available to you on time.



Product Manager Thein Digital

Interested in more information about DevSecOps?

If you want to find out more about how DevSecOps - CI/CD operation can help you streamline your development, please contact our colleague Jan Havlíček: jan.havlicek@thein.eu