Thein purchases another ICT company Aitcom, and enters Cross Network Intelligence

Prague, 18 th December 2020. J&T Thein SICAV fund, owned by the technological expert Tomáš Budník and J&T Private Equity Group, purchased the Pardubice-based company Aitcom. Aitcom has been supplying ICT solutions and infrastructure for countless customers from automotive, insurance, and also the government for over 15 years. Aitcom is the third ICT company Thein added into its portfolio this year.

Previously this year, Thein bought Síť, a company which was profit-wise (500 million CZK last year) the largest investment made by the fund this far. Just a few weeks ago, the cyber security company net.pointers joined the group. Aitcom is, in the words of the fund owner and founder Tomáš Budník, another step to a complex ICT portfolio. He specifically sees the synergy potential with aforementioned Síť.

„There is a mutual complimentary relationship with Síť. The ability to analyse the ICT status, cover key risks, and to be a long-term and reliable partner for blackout-free operation is critical nowadays.  Síť has a stable and experienced team with stellar references and know-how, on which we can build in the future,” Budník explains the decision to invest in Aitcom. 

Aitcom offers complex ICT solutions and infrastructure in all of its phases, from audits and ICT environment analysis, through the design and realisation, to maintenance and service of realised projects. It also offers consulting among its services. Today, the company is capable of operating tens of thousands of end devices and servers across the whole country, and its services are used by automotive and insurance companies, but also government bodies. Aitcom has reached over 150 million CZK worth of annual turnover.

„Aitcom increases our ability to offer complex solutions, thanks to a broad range of utilised technologies and good customer understanding. Besides that, I am personally looking forward to new colleagues and our projects. I believe everyone will enjoy being part of something big,” adds Jana Moravová, the CEO of Thein.

Apart from Aitcom, Thein also enters another ICT company, Cross Network Intelliegence, obtaining 10% share. CNI is a global technological leader in the area of Inventory for telecommunications and energy industries. Its services are used by O2, T-Mobile, ČEZ or PRE. 

Thein plans to use Cross Network Intelligence in the planned ICT products, specifically while utilising big data for cost optimisation, or customer experience improvement. 

About J&T Thein SICAV

J&T Thein SICAV fund is focused on investments into the technological companies in the ICT infrastructure segment, cyber security area and cloud solutions-related app development in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The fund was established through the partnership of technological expert Tomáš Budník, the 65% majority fund shareholder, and J&T Private Equity Group Ltd., which owns the remaining 35%. The fund was established in October 2020. The fund’s portfolio currently consists of companies Síť, net.pointers, Ponec, and newly also Aitcom.

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