Every risk comes with a price.

How much will the loss of reputation cost you? Can you estimate the reputational risk that your company could face if a cyberattack succeeds?

24/7/365 protection.

Cyberattacks are everywhere, you can no longer ignore them. It is important that your business, organization, and sensitive information be protected. Investments are made in technology, processes are established, and experts are hired. Are you getting the most out of these investments?

We have an expert team.

Do you need cyber security experts? How do you get them, pay for them, and ultimately keep them? Do you know if the technologies you purchased are being used properly? Are you sure you know what you need to protect and how? In your organization, what is the most critical risk?


  • Whether on-premises or in the cloud, we identify security issues 24/7/365.
  • Since our specialists work daily with security issues, they can react quickly and accurately when necessary.
  • Regardless of size, we provide consistent service.
  • The service is available to you almost immediately without lengthy and expensive implantation projects, without essential requirements for cooperation.
  • EDR licenses are included in each server's service, so you save on them.
  • Hunting allows us to detect new threats that are usually hard to detect, like advanced threats or completely new types of attacks.
  • Every action we take is recorded in the audit log. So, you'll always know what data we were looking at.

As security incidents increase, we solve them.

Machine learning and smart playbooks help us solve recurring problems automatically.

We respond to critical vulnerabilities in advance, we use information from several independent sources, we monitor the INTERNET and DARKNET.

We work according to the international standards MITRE ATT@CK and meet all the requirements of the Cyber Security Act and GDPR.

Priority is given to finding and processing the most important ones.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect hidden anomalies and attempts to steal sensitive data using advanced tools.

We can combine cyber security with any hybrid environment, whether your application data is in the cloud, in our data centers or directly on your local machines.

Data retention is not a problem, we discover vulnerabilities even several years in the past.

Security incident monitoring

Security incidents are monitored 24/7/365, we check, prioritize, and correlate data based on standardized methodologies and defined rules, and we proactively respond to events according to the client's needs, from which we create security controls.

Customers can access detailed reports via our customer portal, which can be customized to meet their needs.


Proactive detection and response

The Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors both the customer's local infrastructure as well as the cloud environments. Communication systems, applications, user behavior, and ongoing security incidents are monitored by analysts.

Logs and Event Analysis provides customers with access to security events via a graphical web interface. For example, it allows you to run both your own queries and views as well as prepared "best practices" as needed. When the customer consents, reactive measures can be automatically taken to prevent a cyberattack. An audited record of all SOC analyst activity is included in the activity


Audit record and activity monitoring

For each operator activity, we make an audited record of all SOC operator and analyst activity. Activities can be viewed and audited if necessary.

Correlation rules and anomaly detection

MITRE ATT&CK methodology, identification of weak points, and long-term traffic analysis will be used by our experts to define a basic secure communication model that we will further enhance. Thanks to this model, we can very quickly detect even skillfully hidden anomalies and latent attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities. The technology used enables our experts to access over 300 advanced detection rules, automated playbooks, and other information sources that speed up and improve cyberattack detection.

The idea that buying modern security technology will fully protect us is misguided. In the absence of perfect commitment and constant supervision, it can only create a false sense of security
JAN LINHART, Chief Solution Architect

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