Hydrogen is the lightest element on the periodic table and offers us enormous potential, and the possibility of decarbonising the environment as a transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable sources. It is simply up to us what we do with hydrogen, our lives and the environment. 

The use of hydrogen


Clean transport


Fuel cell technology in public transport 
•    Rail - passenger, freight
•    Buses
•    Freight - automotive
•    Shipping - electric propulsion using hydrogen fuel cells
•    Material handling equipment - hydrogen forklift trucks
•    Aviation - hydrogen drones
•    Hydrogen filling stations


Clean energy

•    Long-term/seasonal storage of electricity in the form of compressed hydrogen produced by the electrolysis of water
•    Green methane/methanol production using waste CO2 and pure hydrogen
•    The recovery of waste hydrogen from chemical plants - hydrogen purification and subsequent recovery


The decarbonisation of industry

•  The reduction of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by using it for the production of synthetic methane/methanol and subsequent recovery

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