We are the investment group thein.

We invest in projects and companies that move industry and digital infrastructure forward. We invest in the future.

Our focus.

We help those innovating in the field of digital transformation

Industry 4.0

We invest in traditional technology companies that have unique know-how and are introducing digital technology into the production, such as smart manufacturing or AR/VR.


We are interested in companies building ICT infrastructures for corporate customers (IaaS) and platforms (Paas), IT outsourcing and cloud solutions, including data centres.

Cyber security

We help companies developing systems to protect corporations from attacks (DDOS, DPI, Firewalls) and social engineering, SOC centres and companies dealing with facility security – from thermal cameras to face recognition.

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Our people.

The most valuable asset we have is our experts

We are a team assembled by Tomáš Budník, with expertise in ICT and telecommunications. We have experience in top management of large companies as well as current technologies – young ambitious analysts and investment managers stand by our side.

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