J&T Thein SICAV fund.

We invest in projects and companies that drive the digital economy forward. We invest in stable companies with growing profits.

14,5 mil.

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14,5 mil.


14,5 mil.


14,5 mil.

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Digital technologies, tools and services are globally one of the fastest developing segments. Year 2020 has only accelerated the digitalisation of business and customer behaviour, and it has showed the need for investment in technologies in the post-pandemic world.

The companies not taking these steps are at risk of being outrun by progressive companies driven by more advanced technologies. On the other hand, companies that continuously work on their digital transformation can grow faster, and more effectively. And companies, which offer these services, are a great investment opportunity for us.

The fund’s focus


We look for companies enabling the customers to function effectively in the digital environment: they provide the ICT infrastructure, platforms, IT outsourcing, and cloud solutions including DC.

Cyber Security.

The cyber security investments are crucial for most companies. We support SOC systems and projects, which protect corporations against cyber-attacks and social engineering.


Cloud technologies optimise operations and increase the data security. We focus on companies that offer customisation and cloud migration app development for corporations.

Invest in technology.  Invest in the future.

We believe that technologies are the driving force of the global economy, and they improve the quality, productivity and profitability of every industry. For our portfolio, we pick companies with complimenting synergies, and thanks to our experience we create space for their growth, thus maximising the profit margins for our investors.

15 % profit

Through the combination of individual company performances, J&T Thein SICAV fund expects a 15% annual profit.

Stable growth

ICT is an anti-cyclic industry. We target profitable and stable companies with growing return.

Competitive advantage on the market

Top in the field

Our team has excellent results in our field, along with the expertise, experience and Tomáš Budník’s contacts.

Unique portfolio

Our companies rely on corporations and medium-sized telecommunications, banking, industrial, and government-tied companies.

The right choice

Thanks to the expert knowledge of the areas, CEE market and technological trends; we pick and choose sensible projects.

Long-term Perspective

Active management

We actively manage and connect the company portfolio in the prospering IT group through majority investments.


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Our team

Our team, under Tomáš Budník’s guidance, consists of experts in ICT and telecommunications, investment managers, and young ambitious analysts. We are aware of the needs of both our companies and our investors, and we believe in an individual approach to each and every one of them.

Meet our team

Fund parameters

Investment strategies.


ICT, Cyber security, app development


Primarily CZ and SK, CEE

Investments in projects

25 - 500 million CZK

Investment participation

Complete acquisition or a majority share obtainment

Exit strategy

Company share sale, IPO

J&T Thein Sicav investment fund.

Fund type



Private equity

Registered seat

Prague, CZ

1st Investment phase

500 million CZK

Recommended investment horizon

7 years at min.

Minimum investment

1 million CZK

Expected profit

15 % p.a.

Lockdown period since fund establishment

0 - 36 months

Fund expenditures

2,5 % p.a.

Documents to download

Smluvní dokumentace a informační materiály

Sales representative contact

Windsor Investment Company

(+420) 212 249 649

J&T Banka

(+420) 800 707 606

Warning: The J&T Thein Digital sub-fund is a sub-fund of J&T Thein SICAV a.s., an investment fund for qualified investors in a form of a shareholder company with a variable registered capital. Only a qualified investor, as defined by the Act No. 240/2013 Sb., on Management Companies and Investment Funds, can become the fund’s investor. We warn our investors that the investment deposited in the fund can both grow and fall, and the return of the originally invested amount is not guaranteed.  

The fund’s performance in the past periods does not guarantee the same performance in the future. The investment is meant for mid- and long-term horizons to reach its profit potential, and therefore is not suitable for short-term speculative investments. Potential investors should evaluate the specific risks, which could result from the fund’s investment goals, as listed in its status. The investment goals are reflected in the recommended investment horizon, fees and fund’s expenditures. The information provided on this website is for your convenience and are not the basis for a contract agreement, or a public offer in a sense of the Civil Code provisions.