The cloud-native platform is a solution for efficient deployment and secure operation of applications using cloud-native principles, on any chosen infrastructure, in an on-prem, cloud, and hybrid cloud environment.

How will the Cloud-native platform Robin help you grow your business?

  • It will reduce application deployment time
  • It saves  operating costs
  • It ensuresmore effective infrastructure use
  • It ensures a safe and efficient application operation


Contrary to this, Robin brings a cloud-native approach:

  • One-click application packages
  • Application workflow automation (Deploy, Scale, Heal, Upgrade, Snapshot, Clone, Backup)


Therefore, it is suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • COTS enterprise applications
  • Custom developed applications
  • Applications optimised for containers
  • Legacy monolithic applications

Why choose the cloud-native platform/storage Robin?

Robin is approximately 1-2 years ahead of the competing CNP/CNS solutions.

Unique functionalities beyond other orchestration platforms:
1. Cloud-native storage – solves the issue of operating stateful applications in Kubernetes, portability and disaster recovery.
Note: the only comparable CNS solution on the market is PortWorx. However, this is only CNS, not the entire CN platform. In the case of Robin, the CNS is part of the CNP, or it can be used independently.
2. Application workflow automation: deployment in minutes
3. Easy self-service application traffic management model

Robin CNS adds storage, cross-platform and stateful application support to Kubernetes - snapshots, backups, DRP.
Thanks to this, applications can be used equally on all on-premise and cloud platforms. It can define and track an existing application as a set of data-consistently bound objects, and capture and back them up in the same way.

Not only is CNS a part of CNP Robin, but on its own it is an ideal addition to any Kubernetes distribution, orchestration platforms like Openshift, etc. that do not have CNS resolved at such a level.

Robin CNP contains CNS and additionally adds:

  • Application management in graphical form as pre-prepared application installations (bundles).
  • Resources can be bound, started, and managed.Everything in a clear, administrative and user-friendly form.

For whom is Robin Cloud-native platform/storage designed? 

The CNP, or CNS, is for any company figuring out how to run applications efficiently, regardless of industry. From a CNP/CNS cost perspective vs. savings and benefits, CNP/CNS is suitable for medium and larger companies.


Robin Cloud-native Platform/Storage is used by F500 companies for mission-critical applications

  • 6 Petabytes of big data applications
  • 2.5 Petabytes ELK, Kafka, 300 nodes
  • 400 Production databases


Selected references:

USAA, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, SAP, Rakuten, Mavenir

Krumphansl Ondřej

Krumphansl Ondřej

Sales Director

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