What we offer

We will help you implement a private 5G network from A to Z:

  • we will design an ecosystem of the solution according to individual client requirements and implement a feasibility study
  • we will build the solution based on the most suitable technologies, taking into account your needs and budget
  • we ensure implementation of the solution with proven vendors
  • we will take care of the operation of the private 5G network

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What will private 5G network provide you?

  • benefits of 5G technology: performancereliabilityspeed, low latency and the ability to connect a large number of devices
  • flexibility and availability
  • high capacity and better coverage
  • excellent security and availability
  • privacy and control over who uses your communications resources
  • traffic prioritisation
  • cost savings

When you will use private 5G network?

  • you need a reliable high-speed connection and a Wi-Fi network is no longer sufficient for your needs
  • you need to cover your production area
  • you want to speed up the production
  • you need to improve automation and robotics
  • you're setting up communication between devices
  • you need a solution tailored to your specific needs, both in terms of the scope and purpose of the network

How do we work in Thein Digital?

We specialize in the fields of industry, logistics, healthcare, education and agriculture.

We know that each client has its own specific needs, so we define each use case together with the customer and prepare a tailor-made solution. We conduct feasibility studies followed by proof-of-concepts. 

We use an open ecosystem with no vendor-lock. We are vendor neutral.

We provide the appropriate spectrum for private network operations.

Private 5G networks ecosystem of Thein Digital

Safety first

Network security is a key feature for which customers choose 5G private networks. It is ensured by the following factors: 

  • Dedicated licensed bandwidth – the frequency you use is reserved for your use only at that location.
  • Controlled access – access to specific devices is fully controlled, there can be no "unknown" devices.
  • Perfect separation from the outside world – the network can also be operated as completely independent and separate from the surrounding Internet, only in cooperation with Edge Computing infrastructure.

Use cases – logistics

Automation in logistics brings cost and time savings to logistics companies

  • warehouse automation – control of autonomous robots
  • autonomous trucks AGV, AMR
  • camera data analysis
  • robotic navigation
  • identification and tracking of goods
  • augmented virtual reality

Advantages of private 5G networks:

  • licensed bandwidth without interference
  • high mobility
  • huge number of devices in a given place (industry IoT)
  • high security
  • reliability and low latency – real-time monitoring

Use Cases – Healthcare

Demands and costs for healthcare staff are constantly increasing. New communication technologies can improve the quality and target management of healthcare and increase the efficiency of healthcare staff.

Monitoring of vital signs and physiological parameters:

  • temperature, pressure, heart rate
  • oxygen saturation
  • weight and control of pressure ulcers


  • telebridge between the patient and the doctor's office

Patient monitoring

  • presence of the client at the bedside
  • detection of unusual behaviour
  • client location tracking

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