Open Cloud (Open Source Private Cloud)  is a solution:

  • Primarily built on the open-source virtualisation platform Proxmox (KVM), storage OS TrueNAS and accommodative HW (on-prem).
  • Contains all necessary required services (managed services).
  • Other technologies can be added to the solution, such as security, container management, based on customer needs 


Open Cloud provides a number of benefits  for your applications operation:

  • Agility for business requirements: swift application deployment  and requirement response 
  • Operational effectiveness thanks to the data centre consolidation: Unification and simplification of infrastructure operations. Security thanks to the good control over the (on-prem) infrastructure.
  • Effective DR solution
  • TCO Optimisation

Open Cloud is suitable for companies of any size with a high data demand

  • It is scalable: Hence, it can be used by companies ranging in size from small businesses/ projects to large enterprises and data centers. Companies with high data demands would benefit from this solution, such as those in production, logistics, transportation, development, new technologies, startups, and big data.
  • Additionally, it also successfully functions in public administrations and hospitals.

Open Cloud is also suitable for anyone with a need for: :

  • High availability and a full-fledged DR solution.
  • Backup and archiving equipment replacement, high retention of backups
  • Infrastructure supervision  
  • TCO optimalization

Why choose the Open Cloud service from Thein Digital?

  • Technical team with long-term experience designing, implementing, and maintaining Proxmox PVE systems
  • Price/performance ratio of implemented solutions is excellent
  • Implemented many successful projects for a wide range of clients
  • SLAs and complete infrastructure management services are available: 24/7 Service Desk, proactive monitoring, technical support 
  • Our Thein group background allows us to secure suitable financing for you, so you will not have to deal with large one-time CAPEX investments .

Open Cloud solution description

  • The Open Cloud solution is constructed on the reputable open-source technology Proxmox, TrueNAS and Ceph.
  • The Thein Group will provide all necessary support at enterprise level.
  • SW updates are also included.
  • This eliminates the need for additional license fees to be paid to technology suppliers. 
  • It is possible to set the level of support/service contract flexibly according to the customer's needs.
  • Support may also include infrastructure administration and supervision

It is possible to add additional technologies and services not included in Proxmox's basic stack :

  • Cloud-native platform
  • NGFW
  • SD-WAN etc.

The provided solution includes an entire set of services/managed services:
•    Complete infrastructure management (“as a service”).
•    Infrastructure service supervision – SLA and Service Desk up to 24/7.
•    Proactive monitoring.
•    Business Continuity and Disaster recovery solutions.
•    Financing.

Krumphansl Ondřej

Krumphansl Ondřej

Sales Director

Would you like to learn more about Open Cloud?

For more information about how Open Cloud can help you improve the efficiency and reduce costs of your IT infrastructure and application development, or to arrange a demo or Proof of Concept directly, please contact our Sales Director.


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