Why us
At Thein Digital, we have competencies to deliver implementation of a new Kubernetes environment, including provision of SLA and comprehensive monitoring, according to customer's needs.

For who is the service suitable

  • Companies without hands-on experience with Kubernetes
  • Companies experimenting with the open-source Kubernetes environment
  • Companies with an implemented (Enterprise) Kubernetes platform

Implementation of Kubernetes

We provide a comprehensive implementation of new Kubernetes container orchestration environment.

We currently work with the following platforms:

  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • SUSE Rancher
  • VMware Tanzu
  • Robin CNP & CNS

Development and SLA

We ensure:

  • comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of use of computing resources,
  • Kubernetes monitoring and prophylaxis, including operational and technical support,
  • provision of SLA with defined response time and fix time, incident handling at L1 - L3 levels.

Cooperation with Thein Digital

Comprehensive delivery.

With almost 30 years of experience in traditional infrastructure and held certifications, Thein Digital ensures fast and efficient delivery of complex services.

Enterprise Kubernetes enablement.

Kubernetes operation with enterprise-grade SLA enables deployment of container architecture for stateful, business-critical applications.

Enterprise-grade SLA for the complete technology stack.

Providing of SLAs for both Kubernetes and traditional infrastructure at the same time provides an opportunity to direct IT staff capabilities to directly support business needs.

Hybrid cloud architecture.

Using a hybrid cloud environment brings significant financial, operational and business advantages. Kubernetes effectively enable cloud deployment.

Fulfillment of High availability and Disaster recovery requirements.

With HA and DR capabilities to meet the most demanding availability requirements, Kubernetes are suitable for running the most critical stateful applications.



Product Manager Thein Digital

Interested in more information about Kubernetes operation?

If you would like to learn more about how Kubernetes operation can help you streamline your IT infrastructure operations, please contact our colleague Jan Havlíček: jan.havlicek@thein.eu