Understanding the network and its resources is critical to Telecoms’ business success. CROSS uniquely builds a single, end-to-end model of the network, providing deep insights that allow networks and their complexities to be seamlessly managed. It helps overcome common problems and inefficiencies resulting from fragmented, unreliable data and enhances the response and remediation of such costly issues, minimizing their business impact.

As a single source of truth about the network, including its resources and services, CROSS and its suite of modules and applications provide unparallel support to the telco service lifecycle.

CROSS for Thein Digital is provided

Benefits of CROSS include:


  • Increase service sales and new customer acquisition through clear visibility of sales leads and offerings, accelerating new service deployments, automating B2B customer offers, and accelerating the B2C sales process.
  • Accelerate customer service activation and thus boost competitive advantages in efficiency, business management, automation, and customer satisfaction.
  • Optimize network rollout investments, including reducing construction costs and providing the necessary foundation for strategic network development planning.
  • Ensure quality of network operations and minimize the risk and impact of network outages by controlling outages, providing backup circuits for key network segments, and responding quickly to customer incidents.
  • Reduce network operational costs by minimizing field technician work orders, automating and reducing manual tasks, efficient IT system to accelerate manual activities, optimizing external third-party workflows, optimizing network technology, and reducing electrical consumption costs.
  • Reduce leased circuit costs by optimizing network capacity and leased circuits and generating circuit profitability reports.
  • Reduce license and maintenance costs of legacy IT systems by requiring fewer systems and specialists, reducing maintenance, and replacing manual administrative tasks with process automation.

How does CROSS work?

Step 1: Unify and build enterprise network model
CROSS builds an integrated end-to-end network data model by integrating network/inventory data across systems and domains.

Step 2: Support Network/OSS lifecycle
CROSS core (Step 1) is surrounded by a configurable, user-friendly platform with modules and applications to support the complete telco service lifecycle.

Step 3: Unify OSS/BSS domains 
Integration with BSS via APIs enables automation and supports interrelated network & service operations for increased efficiency.  

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