What is Checker

Checker is a cloud-native application used to support sales activities within the process of providing connection services. Checker for Thein Digital is provided by SYKORA DATA CENTER.

Checker provides a complete overview of network service availability and information on sales potential in a given location.



  • Sspeeds up the sales process and subsequent commissioning of your service
  • By automating (the bidding phase of your business) it increases sales efficiency
  • Increases ARPU – increases service quality and helps optimize service costs
  • Thanks to the minimization of manual inputs and activities, it represents a saving of human resources

What you achieve thanks to Checker?

  • A demonstrable increase in income and revenue
  • You will get the basis for price optimization according to the state of the network, geographical location and the presence of competition
  • You will get the information you need to determine your sales and marketing strategy
  • You get a tool for the first stage of optimizing and automating service delivery: verifying service availability
  • You get a clear and comprehensive view of the network

Who is Checker for?

The Checker application is intended primarily for network service providers. Sales and marketing teams as well as company management (for reporting) work with it.

Who uses Checker?

  • Operational and business centers
  • Retail sellers
  • Call centers
  • IT services (web portals, partner sales systems, customer demand systems)

Implementation of Checker

Checker is a rapidly deployable cloud-native application that takes only a few weeks to fully deploy.

Checker is operated as software-as-a-service

  • Payments based on the subscription model, according to the scope of use of the application (number of users and used components)
  • The application is constantly being developed with new functionalities, security measures and updated according to new technologies and trends in IT systems
  • Checker is a web application also available from mobile phones and tablets

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