The Apple Business service include:

  • The complete range of Apple devices
  • Solution proposal for a specific IT environment 
  • Adaptation and training
  • Users' technical support Equipment servicing Device recovery
  • No surprises in financing, no need for high investments


Why Český servis?

1. Expetise.

Apple's largest authorized service provider in the country.

2. Experience. 

Years of experience, extensive service network in the Czech Republic, certified specialists.

3. Stability.

Excellent service development skills, backed by a strong group.

4. Versatility.

Services tailored to the needs of any company. We take care of not only Apple devices, but the entire corporate environment, including Windows and Android.

How will Apple Business improve your work?

Employees today need to be able to work anywhere, at any time. With no worries about end device failures. 
Providing them with a powerful, reliable, compact, and, above all, secure solutions is essential: Apple devices fulfill these needs perfectly.

It represents a great burden for companies in terms of personnel, finances, and competence to manage HW and SW (including office applications, device management, and security applications) and user support.


  • Saving time and higher efficiency of employees
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Greater security
  • No troubling your IT
  • No need for CAPEX investments


Apple Business service description

Custom HW configuration.
Device configuration based on the offered solution.
Extended Warranty.
Up to 4 years.
Certificate issued for product serial number. Regardless if you are a legal entity or an individual.
High predictability.
Insurance companies pay the service center directly for repairs..
Wide range of options.
Leasing, installments, extension of maturity.

SW instalation.
Client need based settings, installation, optimalisation.
Application package.
The ininital consultation will define software needs.
That something extra.
Special applications, operation in a virtual environment or natively, regardless of the Apple platform.

The provided solution includes an entire set of services/managed services:

  • Remote administration and device management
  • Dedicated Service Desk with defined SLA
  • Warranty and post-warranty equipment servicing
  • Prophylaxis



Apple products are very intuitive, nevertheless we will advise you how to use them to maximize their longevity and so you can get the most out of them.

We are happy to train  to use your time more efficiently. With Apple products, you'll never have to go the extra mile.

After our profesional consultation we will determine your needs and prepare a customized training for you.

Something extra.

A shortcut is a way to speed up and facilitate one or more different tasks performed by applications.
Automation is one type of shortcut that is not activated manually, but through events.
We will teach you what it is to be part of the Apple Ecosystem. Moreover, what all this participation offers.

Petr Machů

Petr Machů

Product & Marketing Manager

We are looking forward to working together

If you want to find out more about how Apple Business can help improve your employees´ efficiency, contact me:

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