We help companies with potential.

We prefer cooperation in fields that we know well. We invest in companies using the latest technologies when we see them as an opportunity for growth.

What will the cooperation with us bring you?

Scope extension

You will be able to carry out projects for which you were too small or lacked recourses.

Cost synergy

You will use the resources of a large group and thus streamline the company’s financial operations, HR, back-office, strategic sourcing and sales.

Knowledge and experience sharing

You will gain access to our know-how and people. We can add the right people to your team.

The legacy of your company will carry on

Your company will become part of the group, but your vision will carry on.

We are familiar with both B2B and B2C segment

We carefully pick our partners. Is it you?

You have an established company, not a start-up.

You have customers and results, but you want to grow faster.

You have a long-term growth perspective

We want to be your long-term strategic partners.

Your management is motivated

Your managers are honestly interested in their employees, customers and the business.

You have unique know-how or an advantage against competition

You know your value. You are the only one on the market or it’s hard to copy you.


Do you need help developing your business?

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